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We have bought and sold eight houses in different parts of the country and can unequivocally say that Paul of Harmony Home Inspection provided the most comprehensive home inspection that we have ever seen. He meticulously examined every aspect of the home we were purchasing, from top to bottom to inside and out. He was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the home and provided substantial information and tips for maintaining it. Some of this information was included in a book that he gave us that will undoubtedly become a useful reference. While he noted all of the potential problems, he clearly distinguished the major problems from the minor ones. The professional-quality report that he provided contained several pictures and narrative that clearly described each problem and recommended reasonable solutions. As a result of Paul's inspection, we quickly arrived at an agreement with the sellers to repair certain items, and the sale went through smoothly. We would not hesitate to recommend Harmony Home Inspection to anyone who is in the process of buying or selling their home.
- Phil & Rebecca Hipol, Boxborough, MA

Hello Paul ....Thanks for a great job today! Very thorough and very professional ..... Joseph Pirelli-Principal Builders LLC- Boston, MA

Dear Paul... I'm writing this letter to tell you of the outstanding results of your home inspection on our new house. As is often the case, we wait for a precipitating moment to express our thanks. This moment arrived for me when I received the final settlement from the contractor of $18,000 in cash! As you may recall, you identified many infractions, and more importantly, work upgrades required to comply with the P&S. The most important discovery you made was with regard to improper chimney construction. We followed up and got a total chimney rebuild and a fireplace that, last winter, provided 24 hour heat from Thanksgiving to April with only 1 1/2 cords of wood! We figure that your inspection saved us a total of $31,000 in up front costs and about $3000 in annual recurring costs. Thanks! Victor S. Stachelczk, Brig. Gen. USAF, Ret., Orange, MA (I am particularly proud of this testimonial, as it demonstrates how a thorough inspection and professional report, which may cost a little more, may end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run).

Hi Paul ... Thank you for accommodating our home inspection and taking the time to thoroughly inspect the property. I do not think we could have found a better inspector. Going through the inspection with you was very informative and the report was prompt, concise and detailed. Despite the house looking like new, there were problems to be found and you uncovered them! Thank you again! --Nancy, Attorney/Broker

Hi Paul, Thanks so much for your very thorough inspection of the condo (east cambridge) I could have run into very big problems down the road if it weren't for you. I really appreciate your work... -Thanks so much! Xinjia

Paul, again, many thanks for a true " benchmark " inspection report. I was responsible for the real estate for a fortune 100 company and I am impressed by your degree of professional integrity. I have personally had six different engineering (home inspection) reports over the years for the many different homes we have had, and they are not even close to the quality and level of detail in yours. Feel free to quote me in your comments. While the cost for your services were a bit high compared to other quotes - the quality was exceptional and the value received was superb. Gerald R. Ellis

Hi Paul ....Just a quick note to acknowledge what a superb home inspection you did. Your professionalism and thoroughness were exemplary. Thanks to you, my wife and I avoided purchasing a property that would have cost us much more in repairs than we initially thought. Your inspection report was detailed, clear and accurate. We will definitely hire you again and recommend you to everyone we know. Best Regards, Lawrence and Ewa Fabbri

Thank you so much. It (the report) was so thorough and so helpful. It has helped our talks with the sellers immensely. Best regards- Lisa J.

Paul is great! He is very thorough and doesn't miss a thing. He saved us a couple of times now by finding things no other inspector would have found, including a freshly painted rotted major carrying beam for the house that a reputable inspector for a prior prospective buyer entirely missed. I was not surprised to learn that among his clients are real estate brokers who seek him out when buying their own homes. They are in the business, and they know they can count on Paul to do a professional and thorough inspection. He will spend however much time he needs to inspect a house to make sure he has viewed everything he needs to see. Within a day or two of the inspection, Paul will deliver a clear and concise report with photos and recommendations, and he then makes himself available to answer any questions. As a homeowner, I have used Paul personally several times, and I recommend him highly! ....Susan C.

Dear Paul...Thank you for your assistance at our home inspection. I was overwhelmingly impressed by your courtesy, professionalism, knowledge, and diligence. Your detailed home inspection report is beyond-fantastic, and will enable us to get the house into the best and safest shape possible. I will encourage all my friends and colleagues to seek your services in the future should they ever require a home inspection. You will definitely have our repeat business if/when we purchase another home. If you have any potential customers who are on-the-fence about hiring you, they are definitely welcome to email me for my feedback. Tradesmen of your caliber and dedication must be a dying breed, and I am most impressed. Regards, John Yang

"Your report is the best home inspection I have ever seen. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on it. And thanks for the extra advice!"
Best, Jenn, Concord, MA

A recent review of my services was written by Steven Erat, who recently purchased a home in Littleton, MA. It's a bit long to insert here, but it is posted on his very popular blog, talkingtree.com.

"Your report was incredibly thorough, I loved being able to download it. Two trades' people reviewed it as part of their cost estimation process and said it was the best report they had ever seen. The pictures speak volumes."
ThankYou, Peg, Newton MA

"I recently purchased a home in Worcester and was very nervous. I was a first time homebuyer and didn't know what to expect. Paul went throuh the house with a fine tooth comb, every nook and cranny ... he literally went on the roof. My realtor told me "they don't make Inspectors like him anymore". A day later, I received a comprehensive report on my house that I still refer to till this day. If you want to know what you're truly purchasing, I recommend Harmony Home Inspection Services.
Sharon Y. Dunn, Worcester, MA

Hi, Paul... I just want to thank you for your great job on the home inpection you did for me. I really like the level of detail you have paid attention to. In the end of the inspection priocess, I felt I was bit overloaded with a lot of info we'd gone through (this is actually what I wanted!) . After receiving your report, I found it is absolutely well organized with all the info included with pictures to visualize. You make everything clear. The report is not only a good way to facilitate negotiation with the seller but also a great guideline for my future home maintanenace. Also, the book you gave me is a great reference for a new home owner. You certainly earned my trust and respect. Thank you! Hope you can have a nice break provided by the coming snow storm. Thanks, Yu Wang, Westford, MA

"We both really appreciate the time and effort you put in for the inspection. It was truly inspiring to see an ethical professional truly pouring his heart out into his job, after getting accustomed to, being milked by half-baked people for half-baked jobs, as the norm."
- Anand V.

"Great inspection report! I also loved the book .it really helps to clarify any questions about how things operate in a house. Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend you to my friends."
- Mary Ann, Wellesley, MA

"If Norman Rockwell were to ever portray a home inspector it would have to be Paul. He drives up in his van equipped with two lengths of ladders and lots of equipment, he jumps out wearing his utility belt and the inspection process has already started - commenting on the house and taking pictures. Eventually we sign the contract and we are off on a 4 hour journey through our townhouse. His meticulous approach and professorial style have been well documented in previous testimonials and we can affirm their sentiment. Subsequently, he prepared our report the same night (35 pages with many annotated photos to illustrate the issues) so we could have it to review before our scheduled closing the next day. Our buyer's real estate agent, "That was the longest home inspection I have seen in my career." After the inspection was over, people were asking him for his cards. The following day, he followed up to clarify a few issues and to ask how the closing went. We will recommend him highly and without reservation to all our friends and family."
- Mark and Alefiya Albers, Winchester MA


"We have used Paul Rogoshewski of Harmony Home Inspections for the purchase of two homes over the last four years and have been incredibly happy with his services. In a time of drive-thru everything, you won't get a drive-thru inspection from Paul. You will get a thorough and honest assessment of the property, a comprehensive and coherent report with photographs (within one day after the inspection), and a knowledgeable and experienced inspector who has YOUR best interests in mind....... We HIGHLY recommend Paul and will use him if and when we move again. He is the best and you'll be glad you hired him".
-JKD, Wrentham. MA

"As a PHD student in medical science, I know nothing about home construction. But I do have the skills of hunting for a good home inspector. I looked up the webpage of all the ASHI certified inspectors in Worcester area and look at their inspection report. The report done by Paul from Harmony Home Inspection definitely stands out. I will say that nobody's report is half as good as Paul's report. But you get what you pay for. Paul charges more than other inspectors. Initially, I was a bit reluctant to employ Paul as I don't have that much money. Then, I decided that if am spending so much money to buy a house, why not get a better inspector and get a better report. I am so glad that I make that choice. Not only was Paul very careful in the inspection, he was not afraid to inform the Seller about all the problems that the house have. The seller reluctantly agreed to fix most of the problems that Paul pointed out and I feel very safe to live in that house".
- Mingtse Lee. Worcester, MA

Dear Paul,
"Thank you for your professionalism as a home inspector in regards to the exceptional service you've provided for my family. Buying and selling a home can be traumatic experience if you don't get help from people you can trust, those who are committed to providing excellent service and having your best interest in mind. For my family, your careful, comprehensive and objective professional review gave me the confidence to make an informed purchasing decision when I returned to the negotiating table with my realtor to face the seller and their realtor. Having a thoroughly trained home inspector, such as yourself, literally saved me both time and cost headaches, since I knew what to expect from the home and what to demand from the seller prior to committing any purchase. Paul, your judgment and assistance in better understanding the home my family was about to purchase saved us both time and dollars. Of all the home inspection firms in the area we could have gone with, my family is glad to have listened to my finance's boss who referred us to you. We believe we've picked the one with the best reputation for service and home inspection knowledge. Thank you again for your personal insight and trusted professional service which proved to be professionally rewarding for all involved. "
Paul B.
Exceptionally Satisfied Client
Marlborough, MA

"I have purchased over a dozen properties in the past twenty years. I can emphatically state that Paul Rogoshewski is the most thorough. Perhaps most importantly, I know he works for me. His integrity is above reproach. I've called on him twice so far, and will call him again should the time come."
- J.J.O., Concord, MA

"Dear Paul,
I just wanted to write to thank you for the outstanding home inspection you performed last week in Sudbury. I was truly impressed by your thoroughness, knowledge, and attention to detail. You far exceeded my expectations. You spent over 4 hours at the home I was considering purchasing, and provided me with essential information to help me make the decision. You are a credit to your profession and someone I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality home inspection. Thanks again."
- Mark Lambert, Auburndale, MA

Thanks for the note Paul. I really appreciate it. I also wanted to write you and thank you for your time, energy, dliligence and cooperation on Saturday. I was EXTREMELY pleased with the thoroughness of your evaluation and the completeness of your report (which we read that night). I was also happy that my father was able to get a good look at the place and that you and he interacted on several of the issues. It makes us feel like I have a much better idea what we are getting into. Also, Id be happy to be a reference for you in the future. Thanks again and I'll let you know what I find out about the furnace. All the best.
-Joe Levesque, Westborough, MA

"hi paul:
thanks again for the thorough inspection. its a relief to have someone objectively give their opinion in a situation that feels like buying a used car (there's a little bit of mystery in exactly what you're getting and some sales pressure too). i believe i went into the negotiations well informed thanks to you.
- mark mattaliano

"Thanks again for the thorough inspection. I can finally say that I know an inspector I can recommend to others"
- Mike Scott, Arlington, MA

"We hired Harmony Home Inspection to do our home inspection. This was our first home. Paul put us completely at ease. Futhermore, the people we purchased our house from were so impressed by Harmony Home Inspection, they used them for their home inspection."
- Pat D., Milford, MA

"As first time buyers, we needed some "harmony" in our lives. Paul gave us just what we wanted from a home inspection. Someone looking out for us. Thanks again!"
- Cindi & Kim, Framingham, MA

"My wife and I were searching for our 1st home during the summer of 1998. We located a house in Hudson and hired Paul of Harmony Home Inspection to evaluate it. We knew nothing about home repairs and totally relied on Paul's expertise. Paul took his time to evaluate every nook and cranny of the house. He spent several hours going through every part of the house. Paul then sat down with us and explained his findings. He gave us a great 10+ page report showing all his findings. He not only pointed out definite problem areas, but also discussed with us potential problems and gave us a general idea of the costs necessary. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to buy a house in the MetroWest area."
- D.J., Hudson, MA

"Paul thoroughly examined everything in and around our house. He took the time to explain his findings and answered all my questions. He discovered an electrical defect which could have compromised my family's safety, had it not been found out. He is a true professional and I highly recommend him."
- Cynthia G., Acton, MA

"Dear Paul,
I wanted to write and let you know how thoroughly satisfied and pleased my wife and I were of the service you offered us during our recent home inspection. What impressed us most was the attention to detail, helpful home care tips for the future and your general knowledge in the area of home inspection. To top all that you were jolly pleasant to both us and the sellers (even during tricky points) and made the whole experience a joy. Our home is lovely but thanks for making sure!"
- Kind Regards, S. P. , Sudbury, MA

"My experience with Harmony Home Inspection is both as a Seller and as a Buyer. In each instance, the work was performed in a thoroughly professional manner. Most importantly, in both cases, the inspections were very thorough and completely accurate. All goes well. Barbara and I are very pleased with our new home. Thanks again, Paul."
- Bob S., Marlborough, MA

House-buying Symptom: Fear .... House-buying Antidote: Paul from Harmony Home Inspection
My first introduction to Paul was a 4 1/2 hour home inspection that I turned into a to do list for my repairman. The real estate agent thought he was crazy. Yeah, crazy like a fox. He told me everthing that was wrong , and right with the house. He made sure I followed him around so he could show me the problems (he let me leave to go to the ladies room) and educate me about what my new house was all about - whether it was an exposed wire, roofing problems, foundation problems, loose sink faucet - Paul was going to make sure I understood what he was putting in his report. It was freezing out, yet Paul spent two hours making sure the gutters, the windows, the roof were checked. He was able to tell me what kind of repairman to call if I wanted an estimate of repairs - a structural expert, a foundation expert, the plumber, etc. Paul has helped me buy two houses. Both times he earned every dime and he saved me thousands - the rotted joist, the heaved garage floor. You get the picture.
-Terry Sugrue, Sudbury, MA

" Paul gets a five star rating from us! He spent 4 hours inspecting every crevice of our 1000 SF townhouse, and handled the onslaught of questions like a champ! He earned every penny."
-David &Frances, Watertown, MA

"I found Paul to be very thorough and competent. He was more than willing to answer any of my questions. Afterwards he even e-mailed me to see if I had addressed a particularly urgent problem. I think that shows the commitment he has to his work and the service he provides. I would recommend him to any homeowner or anyone looking to purchase a home."
- Nancy C., Ashland, MA

Thank you for a thorough and informative inspection."
- Richard Malesweski, Waltham, MA

Thank you very much for your rapid response to our request for a home inspection and your incredible due diligence in conducting the inspection and its follow-up. We will continue to look for a house and when we find something that we think would work for us, rest assured that we will call upon your services again.
Thanks and best regards,
Diane Carr"

"Paul was dependable, on time, and his verbal and written presentation was very professional. One important factor that led us to the final purchase of our home was when Paul located a foundation crack. After he told us about that we had the "original" owners fix it as per Paul's advice and ever since then there has been NO leaking or cracking. A few fascinating things about Paul were his methodical and logical breakdown of his home inspection sheets. He also had a great follow-up letter prior to us moving into our new home."
- Mike & Sara, Leominster, MA

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